Photographic Story

Photgraphic experiance

  • My roots in Photography are based in my years as teenager.
  • I started taking pictures, with cheepest available cameras.
  • My first DSLR, I could afford  in the age of about 25 years. where the big manufacturers started with autofocus ( at that point i was convinced of the technical solution from Canon transmitting the information into the lens electronically). That was the reason why I started with Canon. Today I believe it doesn't matter if it's Canon or Nikon or an other Brand there ar more emotional than technical reasons to choose a Brand. Depending on what your goals are

Photography slept then

Because of focusing on Work carrier photography then slept for long time. Until about 3 years after my stroke. Where my left side of the Body was completly paralysed and in my head had vanished. I experianced the stroke during the night from Dec. 24. to 25. 2008. I went to bead in good health and somewhen early in the morning I woke up, half side paralysed.

After the stroke

  • it took long long time to get back on the feet and move more or less correctly.
  • I had the feeling that I should do do some creative activity; what could it be?
  • Photography? With a serious handicap?!
  • I decided yes it is Photography!

Education in Photography

somewhen, about 3 years after the stroke, 2011. I applied for a one year education in photography which I finished succsessfully.