Erfahrung in Fotografie

  • Already as teenager I started get interested in photography
  • At that time I began to take pictures with cheepest cameras
  • Only in the age of about 25, I could afford a DSLR, this was the time when first auto focus cameras where introduced.


Photography then slept with short breakes for long time

  • Because of concentrating on my career in work photography slept long time
  • Until about 3 years after my health took me down! A stroke turned my life upside down! My left side was completly paralised and my head had forgotten that there is a left side! The stroke happened the night from December 24. to December 25. 2008.
  • Then about 3 years after the stroke I got the impression to do somthing creative.
  • I decided 2011despite my physical handicap, to do a one year  education in photography
  • What I successfully finished2012

Nach dem Hirnschlag

  • Ich investierte sehr viel Zeit um einigermassen gehen zu lernen
  • Irgendwann kam das sehr starke Gefühl und Verlangen , mich kreativ betätigen zu wollen.
  • Was könte dieses kreative sein?- Fotografie?
  • Fotografie mit einem doch schwerwiegenden Handicap?
  • Ja ich entschied mich die Fotografie zu reaktivieren!