Inspired by the Moment, what I see being ready for that glipse in time to catch it. Showing that moment as close and pure as possible  as I experienced it.


As a "Keeper of Magic Moments"

The Eye for thre Exceptional

Stopover in Seattle

  • On The way back from Alaska to Switzerland we had a  Stopover in Seattle

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  • Was können Sie erwarten? da drin steckt eine aussergewöhnliche Lebensgeschichte und auch Bilder.
  • Eines der Hauptanliegen dieser Seite, ist Einblick in meine Arbeiten als Fotograf zu geben

A Grizzly is "studying" me
A Grizzly is "studying" me
  • Be Aware:
  • Bears are constantly watching you! they know where you are what you do, if they are not surprised.


  • The Grizzly is "studying" me