•  Born on December 4. 1960 in a small town , in the Heart of Switzerland. In the Alps in the Canton  of Bern called "Berner Oberland"; would mean Bernese Highlands, in the Swiss Alps.
  •  Allready as teenager I started taking pictures with cheepest cameras. I studied as autodidact in photogaphy books and booklets , after the manadatory schooltime, my  focus layed on  a 4year apprentiship as electrician and sports (cycling).
  •  After having successfully finished the apprentiship, mandatory military sevice was next
  •   During this time I was lucky and got introduced to a person that gave me the chance to change branch into the world of electronics then, during this time I started beside work the studies for electrical engineer in Telecommunication
  •  During this period of time, I was concentrated on these studies, it took 9-semester to get the degree.
  •  after the studies I too a time out, went to Toronto to improve my English and reactivate my passion for Photography. In my Business Carrier I tried allways having my knowledge up to date. And was active in different branches.
  •  Until on December 25. my life changed dramatically. In the knight from De.24. to 25. I suffered from a stroke, and my life changed for ever.
  • In a first phase my left side was completely paralysed, where I was prisonned in the wheelchair.
  •  With the time passing and intensive therapies and intrisic motivation. I got back on my feet and could at least move autonomously.
  • later on I felt the need doing something creative. And I reactivated, despite my handicap the Photograpy, and did even a education in photograpy.
  •  Most of the images I present on this page are shot after the stroke. Especially the Grizzly Bears in Alaska!
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Regenbogen bei Sonnenaufgang in Alaska
Regenbogen bei Sonnenaufgang in Alaska