Photographic Evolution, Story and experience

Root in Photography

  • My root in Photography is based in my years as teenager.
  • I started taking pictures, with cheepest available cameras.

Technical aspects

  • My first SLR, I could afford  in the age of about 25 years. in the 1980ies
  • SLR= Single-lens reflex camera

  • where the big manufacturers started with autofocus
  • at that point of time, the technical  solution from Canon,  transmitting the necessary Data from the Camera body to the lens electronically, was simply the best. Other brands had the solution to transmit Data with a mechanical axis.
  • That was the reason why I started with Canon.
  • Today from the technical point of  view, I believe it doesn't matter what Brand you photograph with.
  • Most important is  the ergonomic aspect and what Genres you photograph

Photography slept then

  • Because of focusing on Work, photography then slept for long time.
  • Until about 3 years after my stroke

The stroke

  • Where Body left was completly paralysed,
  • my brain had forgotten that there is a left side of the body!
  • I experianced the stroke during the night from Dec. 24. to 25. 2008.
  • The 24th I went to bead in good health and somewhen
  • early in the morning the 25th I woke up, half side paralysed.

After the stroke

  • it took long long time to get back on my feet and move more or less correctly.
  • I had the feeling that I should do do some creative activity; what could it be?
  • Photography? With a serious handicap?!
  • I decided yes it is Photography!

Education in Photography

  • somewhen, about 3 years after the stroke, in 2011.
  • I applied for a one year education in photography which I finished succsessfully.

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