Welcome to my world of images

"Keeper of Magic Moments"

The Eye for the Exceptional

My work, is

  • driven by the present moment in time,
  •  volatile and transient ,as they are and non returning or repeating!
  • no chance to repeat what happened!
  • A unique perspective, kept for "eternity".
  • For me it means, all time readyness!
  • Almost 100% of my images are unique; and not repeatable!

 My main Genres in Photography, despite my past, as you see in "about me":

  • Travel
  • Event
  • Nature / Wildelife
  • Architecture

Let's start and discover my work

Alaska Coastal Grizzly

  • The Grizzly is "studying" me
  • Be Aware:
  • Bears are constantly watching you! they know where you are what you do, if they are not surprised.
A Grizzly is "studying" me
A Grizzly is "studying" me

Stop over in Seattle

On The way back from Alaska to Switzerland we had a  Stop over in Seattle